Green or ecological houses as part of sustainable development

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Vanessa Patricia Alves

Date Published: 2022-03-21

Sustainable construction around the world is growing, hand in hand with new designs and new conceptions of the home.

We can speak of sustainability as a mechanism or process for the preservation, conservation, and protection of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

Sustainable Constructions

    Our homes are responsible for more than 50% of CO2 emissions and primary energy consumption on the planet. Consequently, we are directly responsible for the greenhouse effect and climate change, the loss of biodiversity, and the pollution of rivers, seas, and soils. Nevertheless, we continue building homes with the purpose of protecting ourselves from the climate, but often we irresponsibly contribute to climate change, putting our survival and that of future generations at risk.

A sustainable or ecological construction could then mean a solution to these problems since it does not generate waste of any kind and connects us directly to saving energy and many other natural resources.

    An example of sustainable construction is the use of improved insulation in walls that favors temperature stability, be it winter or summer, and the use of double glazing in windows and doors to reduce the intensity of solar rays entering the house and therefore avoiding internal heating.
     By using this combination of sustainable construction methods and additionally the use of solar panels to self-generate energy, we can say that we have the basis for future construction to be beneficial for both reducing the consumption of electricity and gas and thus avoiding the unnecessary use of these resources that are not only expensive but also exhaustible.

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